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git clone git:// La mise en place du serveur git est en cours !


That's a dummy page, to host my first Gtk+ (and maybe more) application.

Warg aims to provide a swissknife for the developper. It'll provide queries building facilities. Plain text match and regular expressions are the first kinds of queries implemented. But I want support XPath and some SQL dialects. Rendering of the v0.2


Implemented :

  • Match plain query.
  • Match regex query.
  • Simple highlighting.

Hoped :

  • Predifined set of regex.
  • Query builder.
  • File processing.

Bugs and wishlist.

Please be aware this is a less than alpha software. For remarks, improvements and wishes, please send me a email.


You can download a binary, build on Debian GNU/Linux. They are no package yet, because I don't know how to build it.

Sources are available under GPL v3. git clone git://